We are no longer signing 2.5.

We were planning on signing Nivia Premium b2.5 until the end of 2017 (so 01/01/2018 we would stop signing it), but due to recent events caused by a particular person, we have to shut down backwards compatibility to b2.5. So Mac/Linux users....I'm sor...

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Nivia Premium

Nivia Premium gives you access to our awesome Nivia products (including our Minecraft mod), our paid priority support, and more.

So what are you waiting for?

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Why choose Nivia?

Nivia creates Minecraft related cheats and mods unlike every other. We stand above the rest with our dedicated support staff, multiple developers for both web and mods, knowledgeable staff, our blogs, our custom bypass status system, and so much more. We are setting standards for the community, and we are proud to raise the bar of quality.

Nivia Premium B3 Sneak Peaks